We couldn't get together in-person this year, & as coaches, we've had to be creative & find solutions to continue to develop our players, teams, & organizations. Excuses haven't been an option, with this challenge affording SLUGFEST the opportunity to find new ways of creating access to the best teachers & professionals available with the development of High Performance Teams - within the context of baseball & softball hitting - in mind. In-person events will always be at the heart of SLUGFEST, but until we can safely have in-person events, we will continue to be creative & find solutions that create access to industry leaders.


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​SLUGFEST is about continued growth, with the belief that to teach is to learn. SLUGFEST is about thinking differently to solve problems, with the intention of arming you with the ideas, information, & processes necessary to define, create, & execute your own, individually unique, definition of  "ideal".

What should you expect from SLUGFEST? 

At the heart of SLUGFEST is the concept of developing a team. That's why SLUGFEST's online courses are strategically designed for you to take the information presented by our industry leading collaborators and then construct your own ideas, methodologies, processes, & systems. 

You won't be asked to simply regurgitate information to receive a certification at the end of a SLUGFEST course. 

Instead, you'll be empowered to think critically, writing your own road map to certify yourself in your own ideas, methodologies, processes, & systems that meet the unique needs of your players, team, & organization.

How does SLUGFEST make information actionable?

Through our on-demand platform you can find courses led by collaborators with a wide variety of experiences & backgrounds including coaches from the MLB, NCAA, High School, Private Facility, & Youth ranks.

As you watch, listen, & learn from these industry leaders, the SLUGFEST courses serve as a guidebook, challenging you to write your plan to take your players, team, & organization to the next level. 


Who is SLUGFEST designed for?

SLUGFEST's courses are designed to be for any coach or professional that works within the baseball & softball industry regardless of experience, level, or philosophy. 

If you're an on-field coach who wants to learn more about the ideas & concepts guiding strength & conditioning, or you also have to  wear the hat of strength coach, the strength & conditioning courses are designed to be digestible & actionable for you. 

If you're not an on-field hitting coach, & instead impact your team through another role such as mental skills, strength & conditioning,  athletic training, or a member of the front office/administration, the hitting courses are designed to give you insight into the entire hitting & run creation process, arming you with the information to effectively communicate with the on-field coaches within your team or organization.

SLUGFEST is about guiding you to a holistic understanding for how to apply player development & sport science principals within a High Performance Team.






If you missed our in-person event in 2019 you can purchase the entire conference or select individual presentations to view.


Connect with SLUGFEST on social media. 

Twitter: @slugfest2019

Instagram: @slugfest2019



Stay informed about SLUGFEST's latest learning opportunities.


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